British Cheese Weekender

Holding your own event?

That's great! Tell us all about it and we will do our very best to include details about it in our newsletter, on our website or on social media.

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Let's make your event a 'Lasting' success

A few pointers below to make this a super success and to be able to relive it in the following weeks when the cheese industry is going to continue needing support.

  • Please RECORD your live-streamed events so that we can provide a watch again facility.
  • Remember to do a dummy run considering lighting, setting etc.
  • Please make it clear the cheesemakers need the publics ongoing support and to keep buying good cheese!
  • Please promote and share your ‘gig’ on your social media platforms and make sure the message is to buy cheese to join in
  • If you have an Association with the Academy of Cheese (Patron, Training Partner or Supporter) and/or Specialist Cheesemakers Association or Guild of Fine Food please do mention in your talks if appropriate.

Share the love

If you like what you see and eat, please shout about it on social media using the hashtag #BritishCheeseWeekender. And do please keep buying good cheese: now, for the festival and afterwards! British cheese needs you.